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Trailed Gangs 1, 3 and 5 Units

Ransomes Trailed Gangs Tractor-Mounted Cylinder Mower

For more than a century these ground-driven gang mowers by Ransomes have provided one of the most efficient, cost-effective and productive methods for maintaining large open spaces. They can be configured from a single unit to a maximum of five.

Magna units are used for longer grass and te Sportcutter units for a finer finish.


  • Cutting width for 3 gangs 2.10m (84"), 5 gangs 3.5m (138") or 7 gangs 4.9m (192")
  • Choice of sportcutter or magna units that can be ganged together in 1,3,5 or 7 units
  • Height of cut: 5 knife Magna unit 19-76mm (0.75"-2.99"); or 6 knife Sportcutter unit: 13-45 mm (0.51"-1.77")
  • Flexible framework and universal couplings enable gangs to be close-coupled and trailed in line for ease of transport
  • Magna cylinders for longer grass deliver 27 cuts/m
  • Sportcutter cylinders deliver 36 cuts/m for a finer finish
Cut Performance (at 5 MPH) Cut Performance (at 7 MPH) Cut Performance (at 10 MPH)
1 unit: 1 acre/h; 3 units: 3 acres/h; 5 units: 5 acres/h 1 unit: 1.4 acre/h; 3 units: 4.2 acres/h; 5 units: 7 acres/h 1 unit: 2 acre/h; 3 units: 6 acres/h; 5 units: 10 acres/h
Product code Unit model Description MRRP
LJBA003 Sportcutter 3-unit on pneumatic wheels £12,656.00
LJBA004 3-unit on steel wheels £13,454.00
LJBA011 Mounted 3-unit on pneumatic wheels £14,328.00
LJBA005 5-unit on pneumatic wheels £21,644.00
LJBA006 5-unit on steel wheels £23,013.00
LJBA015 Magna 3-unit on pneumatic wheels £12,656.00
LJBA016 3-unit on steel wheels £13,454.00
LJBA023 Mounted 3-unit on pneumatic wheels £14,328.00
LJBA017 5-unit on pneumatic wheels £21,644.00
LJBA018 5-unit on steel wheels £23,013.00