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SFH Series Mowers

Iseki SFH240

ISEKI's Out-front mower SFH series is designed with compact chassis to provide excellent maneuverability even in narrow working space. The SFH is given enough operator's space and good cutting performance under any field conditions.

To meet customers' demand, the SFH240 is offered with three deck options, either the SCMA54 54inch or SCMA48 48inch rear discharge mower decks for collecting grass (power unit with integral blower), or the SMM54 54inch mulching deck (power unit without integral blower).

SFH240 also features 4WD which enables operator to cut grass on slope without slipping.

SFH240 blows cut grass into a 550 liter capacity collector and dumps grass at high and low position. It is quite convenient feature to load cut grass into lorry.

All controls, pedals and levers are placed in suitable position to contribute efficient work and to reduce operator's fatigue even for long operation. The operator can recognize the operation-related information and switches on instrument panel. Steering column can be tilted and power steering is standard equipment.

Compact and powerful water cooled diesel engine of 1.12 Liter is mounted. Thanks to flip-up engine bonnet, user can reach engine room easily for daily maintenance.

Mower deck can be flipped up to maintain blade and clean inside deck easily.


  • 3-cylinder diesel engine
  • Large centre discharge into 550 litre hopper
  • Low noise with reduced engine revs
  • Excellent collection in wet or dry conditions
  • Copes well with long grass
  • Four wheel drive allows for enhanced traction on hilly ground
Model Engine Deck Model Cutting Width Cutting Height Collector MRRP +VAT
SFH240 with integral blower  1123cc - 22hp SCMA48 1.22m (48") 30mm - 120mm SCB550 550Litre £17,982.00
SCMA54 1.37m (54") £18,101.00
SFH240 without integral blower SMM54 TBC N/A £17,866.00