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QD series front loaders

Quicke QD front loaders

Efficiency through design. For Ålö’s Quicke, the design of the loader is a means of providing the best possible advantages with things like sight-optimising, no pipes to restrict your view, havng a cross tube that doesnt hide your front lights and is located far forward allowing more space for the front linkage and a better view of the implement.

The latest innovation is Q Level, an entirely new feature whichmaximises the capacity of bucket operation. In practical terms, Q Level enables you to crowd up the bucket to a crowd angle of 55-56° at a height of around 0.9 m*. At operational heights there is 10 % additional crowd back compared with previous models. This results in less spillage over the front or back of the bucket.

The Loader Control System strengthens Ålö’s position as the world-leading manufacturer of high quality front loaders. LCS brings together many technical innovations in one system like an entirely new type of valve specially developed for front loader operations, intergrated multi-coupler which saves time and their thumb-controlled joystick for improved ergonomics.


Did you know you can colour code? 

  • Lock & Go enhances safety
  • Implement changes that increase your productivity
  • Ultra comfortable softdrive
  • Compact implement indicator
  • Q Link - precise parallel linkage
  • Q Lock - hydraulic implement locking
  • Q Vision
  • Selecto fix
  • Compact valves

Note; Due to the range of configurations please contact our Agricultural sales team for pricing

Front loaders with parallel linkage

Model Working angles crowd/dump Lift height pin Lift force pin ground level Loader weight Tractor size Tractor weight MRRP
Q26 41 / 63 degrees 3.2m 1890kg 505kg 50-70hp 3000kg POA        
Q36 44 / 58 degrees  3.5m 1920kg 521kg 50-80hp 4000kg
Q38 2270kg
Q39 3.65m 1750kg 544kg
Q46  43 / 60 degrees   3.75m   2400kg  585kg   60-100hp   4500kg   
Q48  2770kg 
Q49 44 / 55 degrees    3.9m  2220kg  595kg 
Q56  4m   2520kg  621kg    80-120hp  5200kg  
Q58  2890kg 
Q66 45 / 52 degrees 4.25m 2790kg 721kg 100-150hp 6000kg
Q68 3170kg
Q76 44 / 52 degrees 4.5m 2990kg 760kg 120-190hp 7000kg
Q78 3380kg
Q88 44 / 49 degrees 4.95m 3930kg 838kg >150hp 9000kg
Q98 42 / 50 degrees 4210kg 935kg >200hp 13000kg

Front loaders without paralled linkage

Model Working angles crowd/dump Lift height pin Lit force pin ground level Loader weight Tractor size Tractor weight MRRP
Q21 41 / 64 degrees 3.2m  2280kg  436kg  50-70hp  3000kg  POA     
Q31 44 / 58 degrees 3.5m  2310kg  450kg   50-80hp   4000kg 
Q33 2690kg 
Q41 43 / 60 degrees 3.75m  2810kg  515kg  60-100hp  4500kg 
Q51 46 / 56 degrees 4m  2920kg  554kg  80-120hp  5200kg 
Q61 45 / 52 degrees 4.25m  3220kg  628kg  100-150hp  6000kg