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Navigator Range

Hardi Navigator

The Hardi Navigator has a heavy-duty chassis and axles that are designed for hig-speed driving under the most demanding field and road conditions, coupled with the unique long drawbar that is one straight line from the coupling point to the axle and being bolted under the frame, it ensures good driving stability and absorbs the up-and-down forces at high speed driving. The robust frame is made of high-tensile steel and is ready to meet the tough demands of the professional farmer.

The Navigator has the lowest possible centre of gravity without compromising clearnace, no brake rods of steering componets are lower than the axle.   

The Navigator also incorparates the latest technologies like IntelliTrack offering tighter turning radius, Dynamic Electronic Control (DEC) preventing tilt over and the options on controllers like the HC860 and HC9600 with AutoSectionControl.

Please contact Sharrocks sales team for to discuss your requierments of for a detailed quotation.


  • Controller
  • DynamicFluid4
  • IntelliTrack
  • Adjustable axle (option on 3000/4000)
  • Choice of boom
  • Optional turbofiller, fastfiller or pumpfiller
  • Optional Mainfold pressure/suction valves 
  • Optional smoothride suspension
  • Optional tracking

Note: Extra functions may require extra hydraulic outlets

Tank, Litres Total weight Pumps, type- l/min  Boom options, m Hydraulic outlets Y or Z models MRRP
3000 3400kg (1303 -114 only for 3000/4000) / 363-194 / 464-276 / 464H-322

Delta 18-28 / Eagle 18-30

Y= 1 single + 1 double Z= 1double POA   
4000 3480kg Delta 18-28 / Eagle 18-30 / Delta Force 27-36 
5000 4550kg Delta 24-28 / Eagle 24-30 / Delta Force 27-36
6000 4725 Delta 24-28 / Eagle 24-30 / Delta Force 32-36


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