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Metrac 44 - 81.5hp Range

Reform Metrac 44 - 81.5hp

These two axle bank tractors are designed as automotive tool carrier for safe working and soil protection in all areas. The tried and tested Reform Metrac chassis consists of the front and the rear carriage which are connected by a central pivoting link. On this robust chassis, a wide range of attachments can be mounted such as a flail mower, snow blower, snow plough, road sweeper and many more.

The chassis of the Metrac is designed for mounting attachments both front and rear. The robust linkages with standard mounting point facilitate quick mounting and removal of attachments making the system a versatile and universal tool.

The hydrostatic steering system with four steering modes as standard equipment is the crowning achievement in chassis design. The steering mode can be switched conveniently by the push of a button, even during driving. Sensors report the straight alignment of the wheels to the steering control unit, which enables the fully automatic switch of steering modes, e.g., from front to 4 wheel steering and vice versa.

Metrac H models have hydrostatic drive with 4 speed ranges which enables the stepless adjustment of the drive speed. You can choose from 2 driving modes, manual with the multi function control lever or automotive via the accelerator pedal.

Metrac G models have the mechanical speed change gearbox which has four speeds and two or an option of three ranges provides the right driving speed for any type of work.

Metrac H8X is the eco-friendly (stage 3B engine) all-rounder, Powerful. Agile. Versatile.

Metrac G6X - H7X is the premium range that offers compact size, productivity and efficiency in the municipal services area.

Metrac G4X - H5X is the mid range, high performing, comfortable for applications in municipal services, landscaping, and in many other areas.

Metrac G3X is the entry level to the X series, compact and comfortable.

Metrac G3 is the efficient entry level into the world of two axle bank tractors.


  • Powerful, thrifty 4 cylinder diesel engines
  • Pre-selectable differential locks with 100% locking efficiency
  • Switchable 4 wheel drive
  • 4 Steering modes
  • Low dead weight and centre of gravity
  • Slope capable, soil protecting low pressure tyres
  • Oscillating front axle
  • Hydrostatic steering
  • Power shift PTO
  • Front and rear linkages
  • Axle guided, trailing front linkage
Model Weight Front link max

Optional Rear Link max

PTO Front max PTO rear max Transmission Engine MRRP
G3 2250kg 900kg 950kg 540rpm 540rpm Shuttle 8 44hp POA 
G3X 2500kg
G4X 3400kg  1300kg  1200kg  540 & 750rpm 49hp
G5X 59hp
G6X 3400kg  1500kg   1500kg  49hp
G7X 59hp
H4X 3400kg 1300kg 1200kg 540rpm Hydro 2 range 62hp
H5X 70hp
H6X 3800kg 1500kg 1500kg 62hp
H7X 70hp
H8X 540 & 1000rpm  540 & 1000rpm  81.5hp