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Jacobsen LF550/570 Light Fairway Mower

Building on the legend of the Jacobsen Light Fairway series, the LF550™/570™ offers greater functionality through programmable controls, increased performance and simplified maintenance. The mower is one of the most productive and cost-effective mowers on the market.

Hand operated, joystick controlled hydraulic lift system, one-touch lift/lower control for all reels, wing reels can be controlled independently for greater control.


  • 7-Reel models (LF550/LF570) increase productivity by up to 38% without sacrifice to quality-of-cut.
  • AdaptiThrottle™ Control automatically manages engine speed based on demand, thus reducing fuel consumption and noise.
  • InCommand™ Control System console delivers passcodeprotected, programmable max transport and mow speed settings to control cut frequency - removing tools and operator input from the equation.
  • Active monitoring and full-text diagnostics readout that identifies faults or open circuits. No flashing lights to decode or additional tools required.
  • Maintenance reminders automatically displayed on-screen at scheduled intervals to aid in proper service and increased up-time.
  • SureTrac™ 4WD system transfers power when needed from the front wheel to the opposite rear wheel providing superior traction on hills and side slopes.
  • Jacobsen Classic XP™ Reels provide the industry’s highest quality-ofcut and superior after-cut appearance.
  • 14 cuts per foot at 7.5 mph with 7-Knife cutting head units
  • 21.9 cuts per foot at 7.5 mph with 11-Knife cutting head units
Product Code Description Cutting Unit Number & Size Number of Blades Height of Cut MRRP
067978 Jacobsen LF550 2WD Five, TrueSet 5 in. (12.7 cm) diameter x 22 in. (55.9 cm) 7 or 9 heavy section fairway blades 0.375 - 0.75 in. (9.5 - 19.0 mm) Available high-cut kit raises cutting height to 1.187 in. (30.2 mm) £33,578.00
067979 Jacobsen LF550 4WD £36,001.00
067980 Jacobsen LF550 4WD Turbo £40,175.00
067981 Jacbosen LF570 2WD Five, 7 in. (17.8 cm) diameter x 22 in. (55.9 cm) 9 or 11 heavy section fairway blades 0.375 - 1.125 in. (9.5 - 28.5 mm) Available high-cut kit raises cutting height to 1.563 in. (39.7 mm) £36,008.00
067982 Jacobsen LF570 4WD £39,308.00
067983 Jacobsen LF570 4WD Turbo £42,401.00