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Hauler Pro Electric

Cushman Hauler Pro Electric

The Cushman Hauler PRO gives users the range and power of a petrol engined utility vehicle, but in a silent all electric package. The 72 volt drivetrain will give up to 50 miles (81 km) range between charges when fully loaded. The AC drive technology which is up to 25 per cent more efficient than DC technology based systems, also provides renegerative braking that recharges the batteries when the vehicle is braked and speed control to maintain speed up and down steep slopes.


  • Silent 72 Volt AC electric drive train with a laden range between charges of up to 50 miles (81km)
  • Efficient zero emission electric drive provides operating savings compared to petrol utility vehicles and is evironmentally friendly.
  • Standard on-board charger, which provides the convenience of charging the vehicle at any outlet within a property and eliminates the need for a separate bulky charger
  • Standard limited-slip differential provides for greatly improved traction on wet or loose ground, while helping to protect surfaces from damage due to wheel slippage
  • Supplied with a centralised battery watering system to simplify battery maintenance
Product Code Description Power Source Horsepower MRRP
614168 Cushman Hauler Pro 72-Volts DC 22.4hp - Measured at Peak Torque £8,450.00