Established 1958, Sharrocks is a family owned Agricultural and Groundcare machinery business based at Wrightington WN6 9RF and with a midlands depot based at Arclid CW11 2UD

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  • Verti-Drain

    verti drain140

    Redexim originally introduced the iconic Verti-Drain, deep tine aerator to the market, revolutionising the approach to professional turf care.

  • CSI Sand Injection

    GradenBrochure2014 35

    In practice working sand back into grooves or core holes can prove difficult. This has inspired the evolution of the Graden Sand Injection which eliminates these issues giving even better results regardless of depth of operation.

  • Gravel Bander

    Photo 63 Gravel Bander Product Guide 2013 Small 15

    Twin leg Gravel Bander for use with compact to mid-size tractors (30-60hp)

  • Edge-R-Rite Edger


    The Turfco Edge-R-Rite is a turf edging machine, perfect for where neat and tidy edging is a must.

  • F15B Mete-R-Matic Top Dresser


    The Turfco F15B Mete-R-Matic's light footprint is perfect for new or refurbished greens where other turf maintenance vehicles may be too heavy. Finger tip operator controls give access to forward, reverse, brakes and throttle.

  • TriWave Overseeder


    The TriWave 60 overseeder is the latest innovation from Turfco® and is set to revolutionise turf overseeding. If you want great germination with less disruption, demo a TriWave 60. As with the many greenkeepers who helped in its development, you'll find the TriWave 60 will truly make a difference on your course.

  • F12D Mete-R-Matic Top Dresser


    The Turfco F12D Mete-R-Matic is a tractor or truck towed top dresser used by many golf courses around the world. Its ground driven so there are no hydraulics, pumps or engines.

  • Mete-R-Matic XL


    The Mete-R-Matic XL complements Turfco's top dresser range with its extra-large capacity hopper - making it ideal for large acreages of heavy top dressing.

    The conveyor belt is a patented 60" chevron surface composition belt with heavy-duty polyester cord; self-cleaning front roller, the metering gate is a taintor gate design which is easily adjusted and provides a uniform opening up to 2.25".

  • UTM60 Mete-R-Matic


    The Turfco UTM 60 Mete-R-Matic allows the operator to convert their utility vehicle into a high performing, large volume top dresser with just a few simple mounting brackets and connections.

  • CR-10 Topdresser


    The Turfco CR-10 caters for all your material handling and moving needs. From relocating material and loading top dressers to filling bunkers or top dressing. Whatever your project, the CR-10 covers your needs for renovation, construction and daily maintenance.

  • WideSpin 1530 Trailed


    The WideSpin 1530 top dresser trailed meets the most demanding of topdressing programs - delivering total control over material from frequent, light topdressing to heavy applications at unprecedented widths.

  • WideSpin 1530 Truck Mounted


    The WideSpin 1530 top dresser truck mounted meets the most demanding of topdressing programs - delivering total control over material from frequent, light topdressing to heavy applications at unprecedented widths.

  • WideSpin 1540 EC


    The WideSpin™ 1540 EC combines patented WideSpin technology with a unique electronic controller give you the greatest level of flexibility and precision available. Designed with the least amount of adjustments to get a perfect spread, every time you topdress.

  • Lawnaire IV Plus


    Designed for the professional who wants core-type aeration at a high rate of speed, the Lawnaire IV is the highest quality roll-type aerator on the market.

  • Jr. Sod Cutter


    The Ryan Jr Sod Cutter incorporates the heavy-duty design of Ryan's larger sod cutters into a smaller, easier to handle self propelled machine.

  • Mataway Overseeder


    Designed with versatility in mind, the Mataway is the only changeable overseeder on the market that gives the flexibility to dethatch, overseed or do both at the same time.

  • GA-24


    The popular Jacobsen choice for aerating superior turf on greens

  • Quick Aerator


    The productive aerator for your Truckster

  • Cushman Core Harvester


    Stop wasting time and money picking up aeration cores by hand!

  • Cushman TD 1500


    High performance top dresser specially designed for use with the Cushman Turf-Truckster®

  • GA600 Deep Tine Aerator

    4660 large[1]

    New product launch 2017. Introducing the all new perfect hole deep tine aerator